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Projects: POST Properties

The Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) has been protecting land in the San Francisco Peninsula and Santa Cruz Mountains for the last 30 years. For the last five years, Go Native has helped manage and improve several of their properties.

Cloverdale Dam habitat restoration at Cloverdale Coastal Ranches

Cloverdale Coastal Ranches. This 6,400 acre property stretches from the coast to the Santa Cruz Mountains. Go Native has removed jubata grass from over 1,000 acres of the ranch. We have repaired earthen dams, restored retention ponds, improved access roads, and even shored up an historic barn so it will remain standing into this century.

Pillar Point Bluff invasive plant removal

Pillar Point Bluff. Long a favored haunt of hikers and dog walkers, this area overlooking the Maverick’s surf break gets lots of use. To preserve the coastal chaparral, we have removed jubata grass through a judicious mixture of mechanical, herbicide and hand techniques.

Whaler's Cove native plantings

Whaler’s Cove. This site adjacent to the Pigeon Point Lighthouse boasts the Council Circle, a tribute to POST donors. Go Native landscaped the area with native shrubs and wildflowers. We have also removed tons of introduced iceplant from the cliffs.

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